• Lizzie Renaud

The Best Twitch Stream for Drag is Back!

Thanks to our awesome audience for their THOTs and prayers this month when our precious baby SpeakeasyTattoo channel disappeared from the planet, with no promise of when it would return.

With your support, the channel has landed and morphed into the beautiful butterfly before you! Make sure you follow us at and TURN ON those notifications, because you'll get a helpful little alert 15 minutes before all of our shows go live!

What's more, is re-designs of our shows! Premieres of new exciting content! Hand-made merch that directly supports our channel's cast! And some VERY big news that will be revealed in time...

Check out our store! Remember - you'll ALWAYS be able to find us at Even if the aliens come back, they can never take that bomb shelter away from us hun!

Speakeasy TV is voted the best Twitch channel and we can only do that with the support and love from our amazing audience.

XO! - The Speakeasy TV Team

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